January 8

Located at the end of our driveway, is the one remaining building of Old Princeton.

It was built in the early 1900’s. My photo of the day is a shot of some of the “insulation” that they used back then. But I’m also including a photo of the building so you can get an idea of the era.

Old Time Insulation

Back in the day, they used metal strips to fasten down the magazines and newspapers that they used for insulation. The earliest date that I’ve found is 1907.

Old Princeton (early 1900's)

Yes, we are the proud owners of Old Princeton…when I go into the building, I try to listen to its stories.


4 thoughts on “January 8

    • Hi Mary…on my other blog you asked about history of Old Princeton. At this point, we only know what we have heard other people tell us, so it may not be accurate. I did a post:
      about Old Princeton when I first started blogging that you can read and see some photos. It’s been our intention to go to the County office and research the prior owners of our property and then go to the County Museum and the Western Reading Room at our library to find more accurate history…but we’ve never done it…yet!

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