January 9

The Stranger showed up at the horse barn a couple of days ago…much to my dislike. Now, it’s not that I dislike cats, I love my barn cats.

But, It’s taken us months to get the two feral cats we have in the horse barn settled in. Long story short…started with two, one disappeared (coyote or owl bait), got another one, he died of feline leukemia, got a third, everything was perfect…Teddy and Tigger.

Stranger shows up and Tigger (featured on January 4 post) who has been with us from the very beginning is now MIA 😦


This Stranger does have some interesting qualities about him. Not afraid of people or dogs, not sure at all about horses and donkeys, HATES to be crated, and with the tips of his ears looking like they’ve been frost bit, he’s been an outside/barn cat most of his life.

We moved him to the cow/mustang barn and he’s staying there so far.

I’m praying Tigger comes home though~


One thought on “January 9

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