January 13

OK…I know this is not photogenic in the least…but I’m excited about it!!! It’s the wind sensor to our new LaCrosse weather station! My husband worked hard getting it up today…I don’t believe it got above 20 degrees F today.

We are constantly checking the weather on the internet…now we’ll know exactly what’s going on out side!

LaCrosse Wind Sensor

We always know when the wind has been bad…by the number of shingles in the yard. Hopefully this new technology will be more accurate 😉


6 thoughts on “January 13

    • I hope so!! LOL I wonder though if it’ll withstand the huge gusts we get just like you guys. It’s only made of plastic…probably made in China. We’ll see~but so far I sure like it.

      • LOL, Reminds me of the time my brother taped a pinwheel to the antenna on his car, we had a good time and was all fun and games until about 60 mph. When it popped off we nearly wrecked the car from laughing so hard.
        Keep an eye on it, may be fun.

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