January 19

By 3:00 in the afternoon, all the pastures next to the rim rock are in the shade. Nice in the summer…not so nice in the winter. We had a nice, sunny day with a high of 27*F today.

It was a great afternoon for a walk, but all the horses were in the shade. I’ve been dinking with my camera to try to get the right settings. I decided to try the “night” pre-setting. It actually didn’t do too bad. It depended a lot on which direction I was taking the photo.

But, I liked this one of Colt the best…and it’s all by accident. The background behind him was in the sun, so it washed it all out, and made it look like a silhouette. I’m sure it’s not proper photography, but I still like it…or maybe it’s because I like Colt so much!



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