January 22

It was a balmy 33*F this afternoon, and it felt great! Rastus has been sitting in the corner of the yard looking down at the cows for the past couple of days…him and I both needed to get out and have some fun!

Rastus in the “down” command.

He’s looking pretty proud of himself in this photo! We’re working better together…just keep on practicing. We actually took the herd through a gate and back again. I was really pleased with him (sounds simple, but for a rookie handler like myself, it’s not that easy!).

Our cows were not “dog broke” when we first got Rastus…they were less than cooperative to say the least. Poor Rastus did all he knew to do, and the cows just wouldn’t go for him. So, Rastus would look at me like I was supposed to help him…it was as frustrating for me as it was for him! But the cows are coming around, and that makes it a whole lot easier and a lot more fun!


2 thoughts on “January 22

    • Since I don’t know exactly how to dog-break cows with one dog, yes. Tom has numerous dogs and if a cow isn’t respecting a dog, he lets two or three more have at it! That does the trick.

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