January 27

This is my husband’s horse Whiskey. We rescued him today from the solid sheet of ice that covered the ground from his feeder to the water trough and to the gate. We lost one horse to a fall on ice such as this a few years back and don’t want to ever see that happen again.


He was quite content to be up at the barn getting some special attention. From the looks of the weather forecast, it may be more than a week before we can turn any of the horses out to their paddocks.


2 thoughts on “January 27

  1. I had a cow tipped over on a solid sheet of ice a couple of years ago. We had to lift her with a rope and the hydra bed. IF she had been tipped over 5 minutes later I wouldn’t have found her till the next morning and it would have been too late. I just hate the ice. Glad your guy is ok!

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