January 30

I’ve finally made it to the next century…traded in the ol’ flip phone for a smart phone. Now I know why they call them smart phones…ya gotta be smart enough to figure out how to operate it!

But, I’m liking it so far despite the bit of frustration.

I helped the neighbor feed her cows on Wednesday and took the phone to test out the camera. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the anti-shock thing that my Canon has, so driving the tractor and taking photos at the same time gave me a lot of blurry cows!

Feeding the YearlingsHere we’re stopped as she fills the bunkers for her weanlings…in case you’re wondering, that’s an ax handle on the right (the ax is used to chop out ice from the water troughs). I could have cropped it out, but I thought it gave some character to the photo.



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