February 19 ~ Photo A Day #50

The day was spent in town. A long time, highly respected resident of Harney County was laid to rest. There is always an outpouring of community support in such times. His life was truly celebrated even though it was termed “a funeral.”

I had time to kill between setting up and the service. A walk on the downtown street (yes, singular…just one street) of Burns Oregon left time to reflect…and notice things not seen when driving by.


There are many grand old buildings such as this one with their doors locked; closed for business. Small town, rural America struggles along…it’s hard for entrepreneurs. Businesses come and go…similar to human life. It’s such an exciting event when a life is born, and the sadness can be overwhelming when their time has come.

But, our community goes on with hopes that things will get better.

Rurality Blog Hop #3


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