February 24 ~ Photo A Day #55

Driving cows is a common occurrence in SE Oregon…yes, just like in the old days. My husband and I helped a friend/neighbor move his cows 28 miles…a two day trip on Sunday and Monday.

Driving Cows Across the Desert

Day one…driving the herd by horseback with a couple of cow dogs (that’s my Rastus on the right) across the sage brush sea.

Snow still lingers on the ground and it’s below freezing, but we start early to get across the desert before the sun starts warming the top of the ground…which becomes very greasy (muddy and slick) and it becomes hard to travel on.

We made good time, and the cows (200+) were anxious to get back to their home in Diamond to have their calves. Cows have a built in homing devise; once they’ve been on a route, they can follow it a year later without too much guidance.

We stop at another ranch for the night by mid-afternoon where the cows are fed and watered…they rest up for the balance of the trip the following day.


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