February 25 ~ Photo A Day #56

Day two of the cattle drive was not nearly as pleasant (weather wise) as day one. Cold, snowy and windy. Two cows had calved over night. We put the two calves in the horse trailer and they were driven to the ranch. The two mothers were not very happy, but it didn’t take too much to convince them to follow the rest of the herd as we headed out. They will be reunited with their calves when we reach the ranch.

Heading the Herd to Diamond

The sun came out after a couple of hours which felt pretty good, but the wind steadily picked up speed. The majority of this last 14 miles is on a quiet county road. When cars or trucks meet us, they carefully work their way through the herd.

One cow laid down along the side of the road about 5 miles from the ranch, and we thought she’d have her calf right there. But she got up and held it in until we reached the destination…and immediately gave birth. Everyone arrived safely.

Now the rancher will be working 24/7 keeping an eye on all of the cows until calving season is over…who said ranching was easy?!?


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