March 2 ~ Photo A Day #61

Spring is really making us feel its presence…but there WILL be snow storms before spring is through!! Today was a balmy 52 degrees without any wind…just a beautiful day…seems that March has come in like a lamb…we’ll see what else it has to offer us as the days go by.

I’ve got two photos again today…I just couldn’t make up my mind…and I reserve the right to do whatever I want!

Two days ago, my daily photo was of our first newborn calf…soppin’ wet and dirty. Well, momma cow Ellie Mae got her all cleaned up and presentable. We’re dubbin’ her as “Early Girl” since she was 3 weeks early…not sure what the deal is on that…but she’s healthy and full of vigor so that’s what counts!

Here she is in all her pretty red and white fur; and she’s sporting her new ear tag we put on her today. This year’s calves are the first for their sire “Herfy” (a Hereford bull), and the first for us to have any white markings on the calves…let alone be red and not black! Early Girl has what is termed as a “brockle” face with her splotched face markings.

The Early Girl

My second photo is staying with the House Sparrow theme…they seem to be thinking it’s nesting time obviously…

Comfy 'n Cozy Home


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