March 3 ~ Photo A Day #62

This a bit of an artsy shot of an antique Visalia Saddle sitting on the saddle rack in the barn with some lovely afternoon sunshine. I’ve had some saddle fitting issues with my best horse. This Visalia might fit him and I have it to do some test rides.

The saddle was probably made in the 1950’s. If you read in the link above, you’ll see that fires had destroyed all of their records…such a shame.

Cira 1950's Visalia Stock Saddle

I rode in the saddle today and it fits me great, but I’m not absolutely sure about my horse, so I’ll take him and the saddle to a friend to help me evaluate everything.

But, it’s interesting to think that this saddle was made before I was born…the stories that this saddle could tell…I would love to hear them all~


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