March 4 ~ Photo A Day #63

Papa Great Horned Owl was looking very regal in the Elm tree this mornin’. The sun was shining on him giving him a warm glow, but it was 17 degrees F this mornin’…with a wind. Brrrrrr!

Male Great Horned Owl

According to my estimated calculations, their clutch of eggs should have hatched in the past couple of days! Mamma owl disappeared on about January 29; it takes 30-35 days to incubate and hatch. So, the eggs should have hatched between Feb 28 and March 3…give or take a few days since I can only estimate by observation of their nesting habits.

Nonetheless, in another 45 days or so, the fledglings will start to venture out of the nest…the hole in the rim rock 20 feet up. I’ve gotten some interesting photos in the past years…we’ll see what I can capture this year!


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