March 5 ~ Photo A Day #64

Our second calf was born; another heifer that’s a bit lighter in color than the first one. Her mother, Annabelle, must have had her in the early afternoon. The new lil’ one was already dried off when my husband found her at evening feeding time. It always amazes me how quickly they get on their feet and start nursing…usually within an hour.

Angus/Jersey/Hereford Cross Calf

This calf is a lot smaller than the other calf too. Her mother is half Jersey and they are a little lighter boned, but Annabelle sure can put out the milk! The two lil’ girls are already playing together!

Only one more calf to be born this year on our place. The mother will be a first year heifer (never had a calf before)…so we’re praying that everything goes well. The neighbor came over to see our new girls today and took a look at the heifer too. He didn’t think that she looked like she would calve anytime soon.


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