March 8 ~ Photo A Day #67

5 PM…feeding the horses at the barn; I love that time of day. When taking this photo, I was standing just outside of the barn on the south end facing west. This rim rock is what prevents us from ever getting a real “sunset”…it obviously blocks the view! But I still love the view!

Clouds Over the Rim Rock

I could hear the wind flowing through the huge wings of the black ravens as they soared through the sky, and clouds in many shades of blue and gray contrasted with the silhouette of the rim rock as the final rays of the sun set on the western horizon. Life is good~

Taken with my phone camera.

Participating in Skywatch Friday and Weekly Top Shot~


3 thoughts on “March 8 ~ Photo A Day #67

  1. Oh, so gorgeous Karen… have you started a second blog?? I saw that header and knew immediately it was from your Wild Horse Valley… and the blue your captured at dusk, is magical! I’m so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #73!

    • Hi Madge~Yes, I did start another blog, but it’s just for my challenge to myself of taking (and posting) a photo a day for 2013. I thought I’d try WordPress and see how I liked it in comparison to Blogger. So far, they each have their pros and cons. You’ll find that I may link to Rurality or Top Shot from either of my blogs. Thanks for visiting!!

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