March 12 ~ Photo A Day #71

Last Saturday, the sweet lil’ brown calf that I featured on my photo from March 5 died. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s God’s plan to take a life. My husband and I decided to find a calf from a neighboring rancher to graft onto the mother cow…knowing that it might not be easy, but we needed to try.

On Sunday we got the phone call of an abandoned calf who was about a week old and had been stealing meals from any cow who would hold still long enough for him to get a drink of milk.

The mother cow and the new calf are penned together, but the only way that the cow would let the calf suckle was to put the cow in the chute. Another rancher suggested hobbling the cow’s hind legs so she couldn’t kick the calf away. So, we did.

Finding the Spout

It takes about five days for the mother cow’s milk to get into the system of the calf for the calf to start smelling like her own calf. We’re on day three…the hobbles are helping. Mother cow isn’t real happy, but the lil’ guy needs to nurse…and he’s getting the job done!

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7 thoughts on “March 12 ~ Photo A Day #71

  1. As soon as that calf poops after drinking off the new cow, and the cow smells it, she will accept the calf. Sometimes we rub the cows manure on the calf so it will smell like her too.
    Takes 24 -36 hours before there is complete acceptance.
    We have had our share of “extra calves” running around the field looking for something to nurse off of. Its usually a twin.
    Mom is birthing the 2nd one as the first one gets up and wants something to drink and doesnt know who their mom is…..
    I am so sorry you lost the other calf. Its always a tough thing for both the momma cow and the cow caretakers.
    Our calves start coming in 5 weeks.
    Drop by when you have a chance:

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