March 16 ~ Photo A Day #75

Yesterday was VERY windy in the afternoon and the sky was a haze by the amount of dust that hung in the air…which is very typical for our area. But signs of spring are creeping in all around us.

Stetson and Catnip, our burros, are searching out new sprigs of grass at the base of the sage brush. It’s very dry in this SE corner of Oregon, and we are praying for spring rains to help the grass grow…it’s essential for all of the cows that get turned out on the range land.

Burros & Rim Rock


2 thoughts on “March 16 ~ Photo A Day #75

  1. That is a magnificent jumble of rock! I can see bits of green around the sagebrush. We’ve had wind too. LOTS of wind. I think my topsoil (what little there was of it) must be over North Dakota by now.

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