March 22 ~ Photo A Day #81

Stealth mode…Rastus is on the hunt…

Stealth Mode

We have a very pesky ground squirrel that invades our (and everyone else’s) alfalfa fields every year. This is Rastus’ first year to experience them. The squirrels have come out of hibernation, and Rastus is just getting their scent…and he’s on the hunt.

These ground squirrels are economically detrimental to alfalfa crops…and there’s no lack of the lil’ buggers. Hopefully Rastus can hone in his hunting skills. But, even if he does, there are thousands of squirrels to be dispatched, and he’ll never run out of targets!


2 thoughts on “March 22 ~ Photo A Day #81

  1. What a lovely dog! And such a great harmony in the photo, very well captured!
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Greetings from windy Norfolk

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