March 31 ~ Photo A Day #90

Today was Easter, and we spent part of the morning gathering up and moving cow/calf pairs toward summer pasture and then later branding the first year heifer calves  for a neighboring rancher…the life of a rancher isn’t dictated by the dates or events on the calendar.

I was hoping to get some branding photos, but it’s hard to hold the reins of your horse and your rope, then rope a calf…and take some shots with the camera all at the same time!

Buckaroo ~ Horse Training

We only branded about 50 calves today, and when we were done, I grabbed my camera to take a few shots of what I could.

This is Eric…a fine buckaroo that makes his living sitting on a horse most of the day taking care of cows and calves. The horse he is riding is a new prospect that he is training to become a trusting partner for his daily chores. (the lil’ black blob on the left under the fence is a calf napping…his mother is standing over him further to the left out of the photo)

OK…but I have to say that we had the most wonderful fellowship and Easter dinner after the work was done. There was a Lutheran and a Catholic prayer before dinner and then we all enjoyed the most delicious meal. It was truly was a great day~

Tomorrow…moving the cow/calf pairs we gathered up today and moving them to higher pasture. It’s spring and everything is in high gear!


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