April 6 ~ Photo A Day #96

Another typical spring day…sun, hail, rain, wind and back to sun again. I helped another rancher, the 3J Ranch this time, sort out cow/calf pairs on this particular day. We had just gotten blasted with rain and hail…Colt’s ears are still wet.

Holding Herd

We gather the herd and put them in a corner of the field. There is a fence that’s nearly invisible on the backside of the cows, and we set up pickup trucks and trailers to make “wings” on the left and right. Then we wait for the cows and calves to “mother up” and then push that pair out of the herd (these are calves that have been branded).

What is left are the cows with calves that have not been branded, cows that still need to calve and dry cows. We drive the branded pairs out to summer grazing range land; the rest go to a smaller field to wait as the rest of the cows calve.


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