April 10 ~ Photo A Day #100

WhoooHoooo! 100 down and only 265 to go! I truly am enjoying this Photo a Day challenge. Thank you to all of the folks who drop in, press like, leave a comment, or just view…I hope my photos bring a bit of joy into your day.

Today I walked down to the cow paddock to check on Number Three. She’s our first year heifer that we’re still waiting on to calve (with rolling eyes as my husband and I discuss her every day). We’re 99.9% sure that she’s pregnant…but the bull was in with the girls until September…an error on our part….so we just don’t know when. We just wish she’d hurry up and get on with the delivery!

Since I only went to “look” at the cows, there was no real “job” for Rastus to do…but he stared at the cows the whole time waiting for me to give a command to go left or right to flank them. I finally said walk up…and he took a few steps…and then pointed. I couldn’t help but laugh at him!

The Pointing Border Collie

Bless his lil’ heart…he oh so much wants to work a cow…ALL THE TIME!!!


10 thoughts on “April 10 ~ Photo A Day #100

  1. Tess does exactly the same thing, even the same leg up. It is a border collie trait – they are ready to move quick when they do that! Your Rastus really reminds me of my old dog Dusty, even to the eye colour.

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