April 11 ~ Photo A Day #101

Birds do the most stupid things sometimes…but then, they just don’t understand us humans!

A few days ago I spied a couple of house sparrows hanging around one of the horse trailers. Yesterday I took the trailer to work Colt on some buffalo and spied the sparrows again. Low and behold their beautiful nest…built up under the gooseneck of the trailer.

House Sparrow Nest

I had to remove the nest…and was glad that there weren’t any eggs or chicks in it yet. Can you just imagine driving away with their chicks in the nest?!?

I feel bad…they had done such a beautiful job of shaping lots of horse hair, twigs, moss and even some bailing twine (the blue) into a very comfy nest. Ahhhh…they’re starting all over again somewhere else because I haven’t seen them back at the horse trailer!


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