Nov 9 – Street Photography

For those in the challenge who had no equine to photograph yesterday…I have no people today (and I did not want to travel 84 miles to town and back for photos)! I saved my trip to the feed store in Crane for today to see what might happen. We met maybe 20 cars/trucks the whole time in the 20 mile round trip.

But I hit the jackpot and found this kind gentleman taking his dog for a walk as we were pulling out of the feed store. I got out of our truck and asked if he minded me taking his picture walking his dog…he shrugged his shoulders and said “Sure, why not. I walk my dog here every day.” I briefly told him why, and he seemed happy to help. After his dog marked the tires on the truck, down the road they went headed for home.

IMG_2871I adjusted the levels slightly…and tried it in black and white, but the color version is much better. Just beyond the clump of trees you can see the tips of the Strawberry Mountains in the county north of us. It’s a beautiful fall day here…and I’m going outside to take advantage of it!


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