Dec 7 – Winter

Ha! The challenge subject couldn’t have landed on a better day! 4-6 inches of snow last night and 10 degrees this morning…wind chills into the minus.

The pups and I went for a quick winter walk after breakfast. It’s not nearly as cold here as a lot of places, but 13 degrees and a wind chill of -3 is cold enough for me! The forecast for tonight is -12 with wind chills down to -25. Brrrrrr…Thank goodness for the barn…and the wood stove in the house!

This is my “Wild Bunch.” L-R Stetson, Catnip and Rohan. We adopted Catnip from the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge in northern Nevada, and of course she was pregnant, which produced Stetson. We also adopted Rohan, and he is from the Hog Creek HMA out of Vale, Oregon.

This is an easy question for most horse people…so, for everyone else: Are these guys warm or cold? How can you tell?



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