Springtime = Newborns

Springtime activities are in full swing, but at 15 degrees Fahrenheit this morning I felt bad for this lil’ sweetheart…but calves are tough! Born before dawn, she was cleaned up, standing on her wobbly legs, nursing and trying to jump and play at 7:45 am.

Newborn Heifer

#CameraShyTake52PhotographyChallenge Market


3 thoughts on “Springtime = Newborns

    • Thank you Linda! You are so right…and too many people listen to the wrong “expert” and base their beliefs on them. Walk in another man’s shoes so the saying goes.

      • On a side bar note…not many people really want to walk in another’s shoes…they just want to coach from the sidelines….because it’s so much easier! 🙂

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