Blog author catches the heels on a calf to be branded.

My husband and I are blessed with a small ranch in SE Oregon…the upper Great Basin. This is an area that is still extremely remote (compared to most other parts of the country), cattle out-number people and the area is rich in history and photographically unique (IMHO).

Our high desert climate is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the changing of the seasons can be felt…some years more than others. The lifestyle here reflects the traditions of the old time ranches that built this area in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Buckaroos still work cattle on horseback with a lariat rope and a good cow dog. Again, we’re blessed to be part of this community as we ride the sagebrush sea gathering and driving cow/calf pairs, branding and vaccinating for our neighbors and friends.

We raise alfalfa hay, though my husband works a full time in town, and I train a few select horses on the side.

The best view is always from the back of a good cow horse.

The best view is always from the back of a good cow horse.

Our children consist of horses, dogs, cats and a few cows of our own.

If you like these photos, you are welcome to visit my main blog at Life at the Rough String.


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