Dec 31 – Reflection

Dawn breaks on the final day of 2013…my thoughts reflect through events of the past year…it could have been a better year.

As the early, struggling sun light sparkles through the frost crystals, the New Year brings promise of a brighter future~

DSCN0866~hoar frost on barbed wire and strands of horse hair~


Dec 28 – Rule of Thirds

Darn…I was running out of daylight! I fixed this as best as I could in Elements. I stuck Cindy Sue up on the flat bed, so she was at eye level with me…much easier than crawling on my belly with a Rat Terrier!


Dec 27 – Still Life

I fussed and fussed with this…and I finally have something…I think! Learning a DSLR camera is not that fun at this point, but I’m sure it will get easier as time goes on…and I’m sure there was an easier way to accomplish this than what I did 😉

This is a precious painting of my cow horse Colt by my good friend Kathleen Coy and a vintage Pendleton Round Up scarf given to me by another dear friend. The star of light? Colt IS a star!


Dec 25 – Christmas

The long awaited day arrived…the pups get new toys for their basket; the toy basket was gettin’ mighty sparse! Rastus is pretty darn happy here! They’re our kids you know!

And, I’m playing with my new “toy”…a new to me (used) Rebel xsi with 4 lenses, tri-pod, macro lenses…etc…I’m now on a huge adventure (with a big learning curve)!


Dec 15 – Ice

Just when you think it’s an easy day for a great photo…NOT! Our annual trip up to Ruby Springs for Christmas tree cutting turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day…spring-like weather, good friends, food and fun…but no ice on the creek…there’s always ice on the creek!!!

The closest thing to ice was the melting snow at the creek’s edge which had turned to ice before melting into the creek. I do love the mini lily pads!


Dec 10 – Feline

With 7 hours of driving to Idaho Equine Hospital and 3 hours of vet time, all I saw was horses and dogs during my day. So, my last resort for a feline was my pile of stuffed animals…dogs, bears…and ONE feline.

I shot this with my Nikon CoolPix in “Soft” mode…I’m not sure that I like the affect or not. I played with the setting on a single subject and it was a nice touch, but I think because the stuffed animals don’t have a sharp edge to them, the “Soft” gets too distorted.


Dec 6 – Candles

With regard to this photo challenge I’m doing…note that I’m not complaining in my next statement. But, I’m resigned to accept that I have absolutely zero creativity or art in my blood. 😉

I just don’t find any pleasure in setting up a photo. So, I will enjoy photographing the simple things in my life. Hey…I did learn how to use my manual focus on today’s challenge (the bokeh type looking specks are from the dust on my lens…I decided I liked them)!