Nov 17 – Details/Macro

Using my Canon PowerShot’s super macro setting…this little plant start is sitting in my kitchen window with lots of back light.



April 24 ~ Photo A Day #114

From working horses to working dogs…it’s lots of work…but lots of fun!

I stopped at Tom Blasdell’s TufStockdog training facility before going home to have a lesson with Rastus. I can’t work a dog and take photos at the same time…I hope to get good enough to do that someday! So, I took some shots of Tom working one of his dogs.

Good Dog Working Border Collie

April 23 ~ Photo A Day #113

The last day of the clinic and I pack everything up and head for home. It was a really good clinic. I always enjoy the learning and the other people and their horses…fun times!

We rode a loop out on the desert everyday with our horses in their two-rein gear…a good way to get the feel of rein position (since you are literally holding two sets of reins in one hand). It takes lots of practice!

The snow-topped mountains in the distance along with The Three Sisters mountains off to our left out of the photo were breathtaking. Central Oregon is truly beautiful.

Riding Beautiful Central Oregon

April 20 ~ Photo A Day #110

We’re on a road trip! Twice a year I attend a bridle horse clinic for three days. So, I packed up two dogs and a horse into the living quarters horse trailer and made the four hour trip to Tumalo Oregon.

Rastus is obviously settled in for the evening in his cozy bed! The dogs love camping out with me in the trailer. Cindy Sue (aka The Princess) sleeps up in the bed with me!

Good Night, Seep Tight

February 20 ~ Photo A Day #51

While searching for signs of our resident Great Horned Owls and other birds in the rim rocks, the only evidence of bird activity I found were these swallow nests from last year. When the swallows return, the sky will be streaming with these very active birds!

Swallow Nests in the Rim Rock

We had a couple of inches of snow in the morning which you see on the ledges. Obviously the other splattered “white stuff” originated from the birds!

I did see our first Robin of the year a couple of days ago…a nice fat one too!

February 19 ~ Photo A Day #50

The day was spent in town. A long time, highly respected resident of Harney County was laid to rest. There is always an outpouring of community support in such times. His life was truly celebrated even though it was termed “a funeral.”

I had time to kill between setting up and the service. A walk on the downtown street (yes, singular…just one street) of Burns Oregon left time to reflect…and notice things not seen when driving by.


There are many grand old buildings such as this one with their doors locked; closed for business. Small town, rural America struggles along…it’s hard for entrepreneurs. Businesses come and go…similar to human life. It’s such an exciting event when a life is born, and the sadness can be overwhelming when their time has come.

But, our community goes on with hopes that things will get better.

Rurality Blog Hop #3

February 9 ~ Photo A Day #40

We don’t go out too often, but we had dinner with friends Saturday evening…everyone brings a dish.

Eat until you can eat no more…then play card games until you can’t see straight. A fun evening!

Black Bean Salad

This colorful salad tastes as good as it looks. I make it quite often in the summer, but it went very well with the pork ribs in the middle of winter too!