Fall Flowers ~ Nasturtiums

We have yet to get a heavy frost or freeze, which is unusual for this time of year here in the high desert. My Nasturtiums are holding their own with beautiful color.



Fall Hummingbird Flowers

We often go from summer to winter without much fall. So far we’ve had a couple of weeks of fall…the tomatoes and flowers haven’t frozen yet! Tonight it will be down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit…or cooler. Winter will be here soon enough~

Hummingbird Flowers


Dec 4 – Macro/Details

My Canon PowerShot has a macro setting and this is what I used, but this is not a true macro in my opinion (and I was right on this leaf!). We’re in that cold spell like a lot of you and I took a few shots around the barnyard and did chores…and had to come in for more clothes! But, I chose this tattered leaf that is caught up in the weeds with snow…I liked the details of the leaf.