Bareback Bronc Riding Action

Pendleton Roundup 2014

Spur 'em On


Morning Grooming

This is one of the juvenile Great Horned owls having a morning grooming session. The family of four live in the trees in our yard. Soon the two owlets will fly off to begin their life on their own. The parents will stay…they’ve been here since we moved to the ranch 10 years ago.


Dec 27 – Still Life

I fussed and fussed with this…and I finally have something…I think! Learning a DSLR camera is not that fun at this point, but I’m sure it will get easier as time goes on…and I’m sure there was an easier way to accomplish this than what I did 😉

This is a precious painting of my cow horse Colt by my good friend Kathleen Coy and a vintage Pendleton Round Up scarf given to me by another dear friend. The star of light? Colt IS a star!


Dec 26 – Landscape/Outdoors

The late afternoon shadows from the rim rock are quickly creeping over the alfalfa field, and the wheel line waits patiently for its call to duty in the spring. Our house against the rim rock is in the shadows by 1 PM in the winter time. We’ve had some beautifully sunny days lately…we pray for more snow.


Dec 25 – Christmas

The long awaited day arrived…the pups get new toys for their basket; the toy basket was gettin’ mighty sparse! Rastus is pretty darn happy here! They’re our kids you know!

And, I’m playing with my new “toy”…a new to me (used) Rebel xsi with 4 lenses, tri-pod, macro lenses…etc…I’m now on a huge adventure (with a big learning curve)!