February 12 ~ Photo A Day #43

The huge herd of antelope have been in the neighbor’s alfalfa field quite regularly lately (about 50 head of them)…much to our neighbor’s dislike.

Right now they’re just eating the old brown stalks from last year, but when the alfalfa comes out of dormancy, they’ll be feasting on the new, green shoots which are grown to feed cattle…it tends to be a problem.

Antelope in SE Oregon

I was pleased that they were close to the road as I drove home from my day at the Post Office, and I was able to get off a few clicks with the camera before they scattered. This is the best shot I’ve ever gotten of an antelope…they’re pretty spooky around people. I got this through the passenger side window as I sat in the driver’s seat.

It’s interesting that this is the first year that a herd of antelope have been in our area. They usually have been north of us where larger areas of alfalfa are grown. But, the neighbor put in a new field of alfalfa of about 120 acres, and he’s putting in another one this spring. I believe that’s the attraction.