Western Wednesday ~ Gathering Pairs at Crowley Ranch

Moving Pairs

Last week I spent two days at Crowley ranch gathering and moving pairs. Fall is when most ranchers gather their pairs from summer pasture, sort the mamma cows from the calves then ship the calves to auction yards. Yes, the clouds were threatening rain, but we were lucky this time.

Searching for Pairs

The cow boss usually runs three border collie cow dogs at a time. I can only handle my one! It was great fun and can’t wait to go back in the spring to help turn out the newborn pairs to summer pasture…and the cycle goes on and on…


Dec 23 – Shoot a Color

In my book, barn wood is a color 😉  The weathered wood goes hand in hand with the dry high desert winter colors. This is the Pete French Round Barn which is about 10 miles down the road from us. Riddle Mountain is in the background. When visiting the Round Barn, it’s a MUST to see the Visitor’s Center; they have the best gift shop in Harney County!

For a little history…quoting from their website:

“The Pete French round barn is one of the stops on your (Jenkins) tour. It was here that cattle king Pete French trained horses (for driving) during the winter months. The inside of the barn is uniquely made from juniper posts and lumber that was hauled from over 60 miles from the north. The round barn was built in the late 1870’s or early 1880’s, the date is not certain. The barn remains much as it was in Pete French’s day with some minor repairs to the outside and roof. The (Jenkins) family donated the Pete French Round Barn to the state of Oregon in 1969.”


Nov 28 – Thanksgiving/Gratitude

Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite holiday…a time to celebrate family, friends and blessings. Just as this cloud has opened up and is pouring much needed precipitation on the dry high desert, I feel that God has poured blessings on my household; good health, wonderful family, and living a dream my husband and I never thought possible.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was as blessed as mine.


April 2 ~ Photo A Day #92

Springtime brings out the dreaded sage rats (Belding’s ground squirrels) which eat and destroy alfalfa plants. Before our alfalfa gets too tall, we drag the field to level the squirrel’s dirt mounds, but it’s an on-going struggle until they go back into hibernation in late July.

Dragging the Field

You can see the mounds by the tractor’s wheels that the drag will flatten. The drag also knocks down the old dry alfalfa stalks from last year. It’s amazing how quickly the alfalfa has started to green in the past two weeks. But, if we don’t get any rain in the near future, we’ll be forced to begin irrigation (blah!).

March 26 ~ Photo A Day #85

The joys of spring…rain, sunshine, snow, sunshine, clouds, sunshine…it is what it is.

Black Butte

Black Butte is the butte in the distance…about 4 miles out. This photo (phone camera) was taken from the Kiosk at one of the beginning points of the National Back Country Byway “Diamond Loop.” It’s just two miles from our place.