Fall Flowers ~ Nasturtiums

We have yet to get a heavy frost or freeze, which is unusual for this time of year here in the high desert. My Nasturtiums are holding their own with beautiful color.



January 24

It seems that since I started this project (A Photo A Day) on January 1, the majority of my photos have had snow in them…tis the season for snow of course!

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed my geranium blessed me with a blossom! Actually, there are four blossoms.

Beautiful color in the white world of snow!

A Winter Surprise


I’ve never carried a geranium over through winter and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been sitting in a south window, and I’ve pretty much ignored it…hadn’t even watered it for quite some time.

I’m glad it’s a happy geranium. The east kitchen window seems like a good spot for it now, so we can enjoy it.

Spring will come…this is a sure sign! I’ve been perusing the seed catalogs for this year’s garden…coincidence?