Fall Flowers ~ Nasturtiums

We have yet to get a heavy frost or freeze, which is unusual for this time of year here in the high desert. My Nasturtiums are holding their own with beautiful color.



April 12 ~ Photo A Day #102

In just three days, the lilac tree/bush has popped leaves! There are other perennials showing their faces too: Columbine, Jacob’s Ladder, Bouncing Betty, Matrimony Vine, and a few others. My rhubarb is 8 inches tall…amazing how quickly things take off once they get going!

Budding Lilac

January 24

It seems that since I started this project (A Photo A Day) on January 1, the majority of my photos have had snow in them…tis the season for snow of course!

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed my geranium blessed me with a blossom! Actually, there are four blossoms.

Beautiful color in the white world of snow!

A Winter Surprise


I’ve never carried a geranium over through winter and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been sitting in a south window, and I’ve pretty much ignored it…hadn’t even watered it for quite some time.

I’m glad it’s a happy geranium. The east kitchen window seems like a good spot for it now, so we can enjoy it.

Spring will come…this is a sure sign! I’ve been perusing the seed catalogs for this year’s garden…coincidence?