Nov 26 – Trees

Here in the high desert of SE Oregon, until you get to some pretty high elevations, you don’t find native trees…hence where the name “the sage brush sea” comes from (we are at 4200 feet). Early day homesteaders planted a lot of the Chinese elm such as the ones that are in our yard that the owls live in.We are thankful for those trees during the hot summer days.

Occasionally you’ll find a Juniper struggling to survive…such as the single, tiny tree on Hat Butte in my photo. Interestingly enough though, the Juniper is not a native plant and is considered a weed by many. When soil conditions are right, they will take over…sucking up 30 gallons of water a day…wiping out the native grasses for wildlife and cattle grazing.



Nov 19 – Gates

Oh so dreary today…nothing I pointed my lens at was very pretty or unique…but my lil’ Cindy Sue, in her ragged winter barn coat at the front gate into the yard, is a lil’ splash of color on a rainy day! Of course my lovely Hat Butte is in the background…always a fav.


Nov 10 – Churches

There were many churches throughout Harney County back in the early days, and I can’t think of one that is still standing. There are numerous newly built churches in the towns, but I didn’t want to drive that far.

So, my interpretation of the concept of the day is that we are blessed to live in God’s county and worship Him every day.


March 21 ~ Photo A Day #80

This was taken with my phone camera about the same time of day as the photo on March 20. The spring snow squall behind Hat Butte made another dramatic landscape shot.

As I stated when I started this Photo A Day project, there will be many photos of Hat Butte…it’s right out my kitchen window and the most prominent land mark visible from anywhere on our property.

Another of the many faces of the ever changing Hat Butte.

Spring Snow Squall

March 20 ~ Photo A Day #79

Spring Equinox…I don’t expect too much for this event in our area. The grass in the yard is just now starting to look a little bit green…coming out of its brown state from winter. Anything really “green” is still a ways away.

But we were supposed to have some much needed rain of which we only got a short dampening with hail, strong winds, and a bit of thunder. The skies were in turmoil most of the day.

Spring Turmoil

Our alfalfa field, still in dormancy,  leads up to a sun-highlighted Hat Butte with Beaver Table in the background trying to hide in the dark shadows of the grey sky.

Welcome Spring~

January 21

A Photo A Day…until I can’t decide which one I like best 😉

It was a chilly mornin’ for feeding at 2* F…took a few quick shots as I made my way from the mustang/cow barn to the big barn before my fingers felt like they were going to fall off!


The foreground is our flat bed trailer and Hat Butte is shrouded is a light fog. Beaver Tables is in the far distance.


Yes, another in the series of “The Faces of Hat Butte.”

This afternoon is supposed to reach 31*…I like the thought of that! I’m being very  optimistic too…I unplugged all of the tank heaters!