Dec 31 – Reflection

Dawn breaks on the final day of 2013…my thoughts reflect through events of the past year…it could have been a better year.

As the early, struggling sun light sparkles through the frost crystals, the New Year brings promise of a brighter future~

DSCN0866~hoar frost on barbed wire and strands of horse hair~


Dec 29 – Water

Dry Lake has a little bit of water and ice. Last fall is was completely dry. Some years the water is up to the sage brush line and the water floods the Pete French Round Barn (shoot a color day). Riddle Mountain is in the back ground.


Dec 15 – Ice

Just when you think it’s an easy day for a great photo…NOT! Our annual trip up to Ruby Springs for Christmas tree cutting turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day…spring-like weather, good friends, food and fun…but no ice on the creek…there’s always ice on the creek!!!

The closest thing to ice was the melting snow at the creek’s edge which had turned to ice before melting into the creek. I do love the mini lily pads!


Dec 7 – Winter

Ha! The challenge subject couldn’t have landed on a better day! 4-6 inches of snow last night and 10 degrees this morning…wind chills into the minus.

The pups and I went for a quick winter walk after breakfast. It’s not nearly as cold here as a lot of places, but 13 degrees and a wind chill of -3 is cold enough for me! The forecast for tonight is -12 with wind chills down to -25. Brrrrrr…Thank goodness for the barn…and the wood stove in the house!

This is my “Wild Bunch.” L-R Stetson, Catnip and Rohan. We adopted Catnip from the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge in northern Nevada, and of course she was pregnant, which produced Stetson. We also adopted Rohan, and he is from the Hog Creek HMA out of Vale, Oregon.

This is an easy question for most horse people…so, for everyone else: Are these guys warm or cold? How can you tell?


February 13 ~ Photo A Day #44

The snow is slowly melting away, but the piles that came off of the roofs and were piled up with the tractor are still a reminder.

Today I noticed an old cast iron pot that I have in a flower bed was emerging from the snow pile off of the roof…thinking that it looked kind of interesting, I stooped to take a few shots…Red Dog thought the snow/ice was worth chomping on…goofy dog!

He was way more interesting than the old pot!

When the Snow Melts

January 27

This is my husband’s horse Whiskey. We rescued him today from the solid sheet of ice that covered the ground from his feeder to the water trough and to the gate. We lost one horse to a fall on ice such as this a few years back and don’t want to ever see that happen again.


He was quite content to be up at the barn getting some special attention. From the looks of the weather forecast, it may be more than a week before we can turn any of the horses out to their paddocks.

January 18

Well, this photo was a fluke deal. When I opened up the Post Office today, I saw that some ice crystals had formed on the screen door going out the back of the building. So I tried to get my camera to capture them…with no success.

Then I glanced toward the bottom of the door and found this ice crystal swirl. I took one photo and figured it wouldn’t turn out, so I quit wasting time. Ha…I sure was surprised when I down loaded the photos today!

Ice Crystal Swirl

I’ve never seen anything like this before…it reminds me more of feathers than ice…and they all come out of that one spot. I thought it was pretty cool. (BTW, the dark squares are from the screen and the crystals are on the glass).