Dec 31 – Reflection

Dawn breaks on the final day of 2013…my thoughts reflect through events of the past year…it could have been a better year.

As the early, struggling sun light sparkles through the frost crystals, the New Year brings promise of a brighter future~

DSCN0866~hoar frost on barbed wire and strands of horse hair~


Dec 22 – Sparkle/Stars

And for today’s photo challenge…this is a gift package decoration, and I placed it in the tree to get the reflective light from the bulbs.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!


Dec 6 – Candles

With regard to this photo challenge I’m doing…note that I’m not complaining in my next statement. But, I’m resigned to accept that I have absolutely zero creativity or art in my blood. 😉

I just don’t find any pleasure in setting up a photo. So, I will enjoy photographing the simple things in my life. Hey…I did learn how to use my manual focus on today’s challenge (the bokeh type looking specks are from the dust on my lens…I decided I liked them)!


Dec 4 – Macro/Details

My Canon PowerShot has a macro setting and this is what I used, but this is not a true macro in my opinion (and I was right on this leaf!). We’re in that cold spell like a lot of you and I took a few shots around the barnyard and did chores…and had to come in for more clothes! But, I chose this tattered leaf that is caught up in the weeds with snow…I liked the details of the leaf.


January 24

It seems that since I started this project (A Photo A Day) on January 1, the majority of my photos have had snow in them…tis the season for snow of course!

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed my geranium blessed me with a blossom! Actually, there are four blossoms.

Beautiful color in the white world of snow!

A Winter Surprise


I’ve never carried a geranium over through winter and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been sitting in a south window, and I’ve pretty much ignored it…hadn’t even watered it for quite some time.

I’m glad it’s a happy geranium. The east kitchen window seems like a good spot for it now, so we can enjoy it.

Spring will come…this is a sure sign! I’ve been perusing the seed catalogs for this year’s garden…coincidence?