Dec 14 – Sepia

My husband and I drove 3 hours to Bend OR to pick up my new saddle, and on the way back we had lunch at Hampton Station Cafe. They have a little antique shop, and as I waited for my lunch to be made, I had a wonderful time browsing the shop and taking photos (hence the price tags ūüėȬ† )…and lunch was awesome!

We were the only customers at the time and had a wonderful time chatting with the new owners of the Cafe…great people if you ever drive between Burns and Bend Oregon!

FYI, taken with my cell phone.



March 26 ~ Photo A Day #85

The joys of spring…rain, sunshine, snow, sunshine, clouds, sunshine…it is what it is.

Black Butte

Black Butte is the butte in the distance…about 4 miles out. This photo (phone camera) was taken from the Kiosk at one of the beginning points of the National Back Country Byway “Diamond Loop.” It’s just two miles from our place.

March 21 ~ Photo A Day #80

This was taken with my phone camera about the same time of day as the photo on March 20. The spring snow squall behind Hat Butte made another dramatic landscape shot.

As I stated when I started this Photo A Day project, there will be many photos of Hat Butte…it’s right out my kitchen window and the most prominent land mark visible from anywhere on our property.

Another of the many faces of the ever changing Hat Butte.

Spring Snow Squall

March 8 ~ Photo A Day #67

5 PM…feeding the horses at the barn; I love that time of day. When taking this photo, I was standing just outside of the barn on the south end facing west. This rim rock is what prevents us from ever getting a real “sunset”…it obviously blocks the view! But I still love the view!

Clouds Over the Rim Rock

I could hear the wind flowing through the huge wings of the black ravens as they soared through the sky, and clouds in many shades of blue and gray contrasted with the silhouette of the rim rock as the final rays of the sun set on the western horizon. Life is good~

Taken with my phone camera.

Participating in Skywatch Friday and Weekly Top Shot~

February 17 ~ Photo A Day #48

We drove over to the neighbor’s place this early this morning while the ground was still frozen to help them put their yearling heifers through the squeeze chute for their Brucellosis¬†vaccinations. Then they hauled the bred heifers to their home place. By 10:30 AM we needed 4-wheel drive to get out…the top got really greasy in a quick hurry!

I took this photo with my camera phone in “panorama” view…didn’t turn out too bad!

Sagebrush & Malheur Lake

Their grazing lands are adjacent to the Malheur Lake. The lake in the photo is the thin white line (ice this time of year) between the sage brush and the hills in the distance. SE Oregon is nicknamed “The Big Empty”…which is very true…miles and miles of nothing…but we love it that way!

Malheur Lake¬†is located in the Malheur National Forest. Stretching from the base of Steens Mountain to the north shore of the Malheur and Harney Lakes complex, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is one of the crown jewels of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s refuge system.
The fresh water of Malheur Lake has no exit to the sea, but it empties into nearby Harney Lake which serves as the evaporation pan for the pair. Thus, Harney Lake is laden with minerals left behind in the evaporation process.
There are vast marshes, willow thickets, stands of large cottonwoods, and plenty of sage steppe which encompasses this area.

January 30

I’ve finally made it to the next century…traded in the ol’ flip phone for a smart phone. Now I know why they call them smart phones…ya gotta be smart enough to figure out how to¬†operate¬†it!

But, I’m liking it so far despite the bit of frustration.

I helped the neighbor feed her cows on Wednesday and took the phone to test out the camera. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the anti-shock thing that my Canon has, so driving the tractor and taking photos at the same time gave me a lot of¬†blurry¬†cows!

Feeding the YearlingsHere we’re stopped as she fills the bunkers for her weanlings…in case you’re wondering, that’s an ax handle on the right (the ax is used to chop out ice from the water troughs). I could have cropped it out, but I thought it gave some character to the photo.