Dec 25 – Christmas

The long awaited day arrived…the pups get new toys for their basket; the toy basket was gettin’ mighty sparse! Rastus is pretty darn happy here! They’re our kids you know!

And, I’m playing with my new “toy”…a new to me (used) Rebel xsi with 4 lenses, tri-pod, macro lenses…etc…I’m now on a huge adventure (with a big learning curve)!



Dec 20 – Panning

My first attempt at panning…

I started with the dogs, and they wouldn’t run the right direction or angle for me, so I thought I’d cheat and use the round pen and a horse! I have to say, it was a half fail…I never did get a nice, crisp shot of Pierce…the legs were always really fuzzy. I did use the Tv (shutter speed) setting for the first time ever and figured out I had to adjust the ISO (HUGE learning curve for me today). But, it was cloudy and snowy too…I wish there had been sun!

There was one shot that was pretty good, but I chose this shot because Rastus was in there too on the outside of the pen, and even though I chopped off his nose, this photo is more interesting…not to mention Pierce is givin’ a bit of a buck…he was frisky!

IMG_3760Oh heck…this is my blog, and I can post whatever I want! 😉 So, here’s the better shot…but I have a LOT of practicing to do to perfect the technique of panning!


Dec 13 – Canine

Rastus needed to have some fun today, so we went out and played with the cows. He had a blast of course! The lighting was terrible, and I fixed this as best I could in Elements.

When I do action shots, I use the “action” mode on my PowerShot which allows me to take consecutive photos. I’ve still yet to master handling the dog and the camera at the same time 😉


Nov 20 – Feathers and Fur

Well, I opted for fur today…but I did get some nice photos of the owls and Rastus too! In this shot, Colt and Pierce (half brothers, same sire) were enjoying the afternoon playing with a stick…yep, fighting over a stick…typical brothers! Underneath all that dirt there is some very pretty fur! The rim rock in the background is pretty too.


March 9 ~ Photo A Day #68

Today’s another one of my favorite days; Daylight Savings Time goes into affect tonight…YEAH!!! I absolutely love the long daylight hours in the evenings. The Winter Solstice is another favorite of mine…when the daylight hours finally turn around and start to get longer…yes! But, my gosh…spring is less than two weeks away!!

Today, my yearling colt Pierce was happy about it too it seems…he was rippin’ around…showin’ off his stuff this afternoon in the glorious sunshine!

Rompin' in the Afternoon Sun!

Happy Daylight Savings Time…Yahoooooo! Set those clocks forward!