Dec 28 – Rule of Thirds

Darn…I was running out of daylight! I fixed this as best as I could in Elements. I stuck Cindy Sue up on the flat bed, so she was at eye level with me…much easier than crawling on my belly with a Rat Terrier!



Nov 24 – Cold

Well, Ms. Cindy Sue is NOT cold!!! We’ve had temps in the teens, but not enough moisture to make that pretty hoar frost. But, Cindy Sue was a willing model for me today in her “goin’ to town” outfit!


March 15 ~ Photo A Day #74

For the lack of sunshine on Thursday, Friday made up for it…mid 60’s and glorious spring sunshine. There was still a bit of wind that kept the air feeling pretty cool. But on the south and east side of the barns and house it was spring-time warm!

Wind Chime Song

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the lovely sound of the wind chimes in the elm tree.

Below is a self portrait…Cindy Sue and I were enjoying the sunshine as we sat on the bench deciding what chore to do next. There’s lots of yard/garden/barn chores to be done!

My Best Friend~Self Portrait

January 16

Ah…our precious Ms Cindy Sue…something must have really grabbed her attention, because usually she has a flop ear on the left (which gives her character!). She’s got both ears UP at full attention!!

The dogs and I took a walk into the alfalfa field this afternoon as the sun was setting behind the rim rock (at 3:45; it gets dark and cold mighty quickly at our place in the winter).

Cindy Sue the Rattie Ranch Dog!

Cindy Sue the Rattie Ranch Dog!

If you can’t tell…she IS the Princess 😉