SkyWatch Friday ~ Rim Rock Setting Moon

Rim Rock Setting Moon


A glorious fall mornin’ in the High Desert!

Happy Friday!

Skywatch Friday


Dec 26 – Landscape/Outdoors

The late afternoon shadows from the rim rock are quickly creeping over the alfalfa field, and the wheel line waits patiently for its call to duty in the spring. Our house against the rim rock is in the shadows by 1 PM in the winter time. We’ve had some beautifully sunny days lately…we pray for more snow.


Dec 11 – Windows

I’m standing inside the last remaining building of Old Princeton which happens to be on our ranch. This view is looking south to the rim rock and our house.

I wonder back in the early days what the view looked like then. Is where I’m standing where the telephone switchboard was? Or maybe a desk? What I do know is that when I step into the old building, it’s like stepping back in time.


Dec 5 – Barns and Fences

With these cold temps, I just prefer stay home than travel to find a subject! This is my barn (nothing fancy, but my horses appreciate it!)…the well weathered side, and the panels of my round pen.

I took some photos this morning, but I liked this late afternoon shot better. The sun was just going down and highlighting the rim rock in the background…as well as highlighting the “mare’s tails” clouds in the sky (that’s what we call them here anyhow). I’m also finding that it’s much easier to take photos with my Nikon CoolPix when the weather is so cold…the camera likes the pocket next to my body warmth!


Nov 26 – Trees

Here in the high desert of SE Oregon, until you get to some pretty high elevations, you don’t find native trees…hence where the name “the sage brush sea” comes from (we are at 4200 feet). Early day homesteaders planted a lot of the Chinese elm such as the ones that are in our yard that the owls live in.We are thankful for those trees during the hot summer days.

Occasionally you’ll find a Juniper struggling to survive…such as the single, tiny tree on Hat Butte in my photo. Interestingly enough though, the Juniper is not a native plant and is considered a weed by many. When soil conditions are right, they will take over…sucking up 30 gallons of water a day…wiping out the native grasses for wildlife and cattle grazing.


Nov 20 – Feathers and Fur

Well, I opted for fur today…but I did get some nice photos of the owls and Rastus too! In this shot, Colt and Pierce (half brothers, same sire) were enjoying the afternoon playing with a stick…yep, fighting over a stick…typical brothers! Underneath all that dirt there is some very pretty fur! The rim rock in the background is pretty too.


April 25~ Photo A Day #115

The half mile rim rock formation that runs the length of our property always holds my interest. Here you can see that over the years, top soil brought in with the wind has settled in the cracks and lays on the rims giving a prime opportunity for plants to sprout…some seem to be holding onto nothing. Green and orange lichen also grow easily on the rocks. Mother Nature has her wonders in the smallest things.

Rim Rock Plants


Note: I missed April 25. This photo was actually taken on April 28.