Dec 26 – Landscape/Outdoors

The late afternoon shadows from the rim rock are quickly creeping over the alfalfa field, and the wheel line waits patiently for its call to duty in the spring. Our house against the rim rock is in the shadows by 1 PM in the winter time. We’ve had some beautifully sunny days lately…we pray for more snow.



Dec 16 – Nature

I call this “A Bowl of Sunset”…as I look SE from my barn when the sun is setting, at the right moment the shadows and contours of the hillside make this bowl of light. It changes colors with the type of sunset, so you don’t know what you’ll get to see until it’s there. Mother Nature is always full of surprises!


Nov 23 – Glass

Well, my glass photo attempt was a fail…I could show you all the things NOT to do!! So, I took this day as a “free day.”

This is the view from the house looking east across Anderson Valley as the sun sets in the west. The shadow half way up the hill is from the hill behind our house…love how the land, sky and shadows all connect.


February 10 ~ Photo A Day #41

The shadows get long as the sun begins to go down behind the hill to the west. You can see where the last remaining snow is lingering on…hiding under the sagebrush on the north side of the hills…escaping the warmth of the sun.

Approaching Dusk

As we feed the horses and cows in the late afternoon, we enjoy watching the sky, clouds, hills, buttes and rim rock around us continually changing color…bringing another great day to a close.