Dec 31 – Reflection

Dawn breaks on the final day of 2013…my thoughts reflect through events of the past year…it could have been a better year.

As the early, struggling sun light sparkles through the frost crystals, the New Year brings promise of a brighter future~

DSCN0866~hoar frost on barbed wire and strands of horse hair~


Nov 26 – Trees

Here in the high desert of SE Oregon, until you get to some pretty high elevations, you don’t find native trees…hence where the name “the sage brush sea” comes from (we are at 4200 feet). Early day homesteaders planted a lot of the Chinese elm such as the ones that are in our yard that the owls live in.We are thankful for those trees during the hot summer days.

Occasionally you’ll find a Juniper struggling to survive…such as the single, tiny tree on Hat Butte in my photo. Interestingly enough though, the Juniper is not a native plant and is considered a weed by many. When soil conditions are right, they will take over…sucking up 30 gallons of water a day…wiping out the native grasses for wildlife and cattle grazing.


March 19 ~ Photo A Day #78

The first point of sunlight peeks over the rim rock into Anderson Valley…shades of the night still linger in the sky…the glow of the coming sun gives promise to another wonderful day!

Dawns First Light

Today is National Agricultural Day. Ag Day is a day to celebrate the huge value our agricultural industry plays in our everyday lives.

I invite you to visit today’s post on my ranch blog, Life at the Rough String, to learn more about Ag Day and what we do at the Rough String.

Go ahead…hug a farmer or rancher today!