Nov 14 – My Choice

I didn’t follow the concept for the day which was bokeh…I’m terrible at it!

But, I was traveling away from home with Pierce, Rastus and Cindy Sue to Idaho Equine Hospital. Pierce was scheduled for surgery to be gelded. One of his testicles was up inside and had not dropped…so, surgery was the only way to get the job done correctly.

It was a very interesting experience to say the least. We arrived the afternoon before so Pierce could settle in and surgery was scheduled for 8 AM the next day. Once they had him drugged and on the operating table (which is quite the production!), the doctor was able to feel the hiding testicle, so it was a much easier surgery than expected…and less expensive! Amen to that!

Everything went well, and Pierce’s recovery time will be short. The best part is that I got to watch the whole procedure from the conference room upstairs. My zoom lens did great through the glass and all…but I won’t show you the bloody details 😉