March 6 ~ Photo A Day #65

I had to drive into town today for an appointment and some errands…and I always grab the camera because you never know what you might find that just has to be shot!

Over all the years we’ve been here, I’ve always admired the is ol’ homestead…but never took the time to pull over and take photos. Today was a typical spring day for us here in the high desert…wind, sunshine, rain, snow, hail and back to sunshine again. There was actually some sun coming through the clouds as I came up to the ol’ place. Seemed like as good of a time as any.

Whiting Ranch Homestead

The Whiting Ranch family still owns the place, but I guess the house in not very livable. But I love the worn wood siding, the small barns, the corrals and especially the architecture of the barn roof (behind the house) and the windmill. I think this is fairly typical of the homesteads in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s around here…but none of them are in as good of shape as this one…if they’re even standing.


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